Architectural survey direct and computerized

The measurement of the article is by manual and instrumental, also implemented by the methodology (computerized) of the orthophoto, allowing you to have a high-definition photos georeferenced critical to the recovery of structural and architectural monument and for the archaeological investigation.

Mapping of the materials and degradation

Through mapping made directly on the image, scale range, is possible to haven an overview of the constituent materials and their state of preservation; also it’s can see the effects of degenerative phenomena and pathologies of degradation, in order to correct intervention.

Survey of the crack

He measurement of the crack – essence is the foundation for the preservation and restoration of the static artifact. It consists in identifying the lesions, allowing a first assessment of the static conditions of the structure.

Stratigraphy of the high and critical survey

The stratigraphy of the high is the analysis and the identification of constructive and destructive phases present on the substrate, and these data are included in the critical survey, which represents the historical interpretation of the building.

Stratigraphic wall coverings

The stratigraphy of the coatings is a type of survey in which they are identified and analyzed the sequences of the films present painting on walls and external cladding .