Feasibility study

Evaluation of the problems and potential benefits, illustration of solutions and alternatives to be carried out before embarking on the design process.


The project may be conducted on three levels, preliminary, definitive and executive, or only on one of them. It is, however, a specific path that starts with a phase of knowledge of the product to arrive at the actual project going from a careful analysis phase.

Administrative documents

The administrative stage of a project is an integral and fundamental element that tends to connect the design choices with the complex territorial legislation.

Documents for estimating the cost of implementation of the final project

A project can not ignore the cost estimate and the budget available. A proper analysis and forecasting of costs is one of the phases that allows a fluid of the work.

Contractual documents for the engagement of construction work

Contract documents governing the relationship between the client and the companies carrying out the work.


The success of a project is linked to a careful and targeted execution. This predicts that there is a continuous dialogue between the contracting companies and figure technique, the designer himself or not, that has understood, studied and evaluated the project.  Stage of construction management, if constant and careful, it has the function to relate the design choices with the intent of the client and with the operations of the company.